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CBS SportsLine, in partnership with CBS Sports, CSTV and the NCAA® announced that they have begun taking sign-ups for VIP access to their record setting NCAA® March Madness® on Demand (MMOD) service. MMOD is the online player that provides live streaming video from the first 56 games* of the NCAA® Division I Men's Basketball Championship as they are broadcast by CBS Sports (game action only) and is offered completely free of charge.

As a VIP member, users will have much faster access to live video from the 2007 NCAA® Division I Men's Basketball Championship on game days. Without VIP access, fans will have to wait in a virtual line behind all VIP members. As an example of how long this virtual line can be, in 2006, MMOD had 150,000 people in the waiting room on Thursday March 16 just after the first games started. If that line was single-file and visible (assuming each person takes up two feet of space), it would have been over 50 miles long.

While supplies last, fans can obtain VIP access to MMOD at CBS ( as well as (

"Following the unparalleled success of MMOD in 2006, we expect an even greater audience this year and so the importance of obtaining a VIP pass can't be understated as it ensures the quickest possible access to live video when the tournament begins," said Joe Ferreira, vice president of programming and executive producer of CBS SportsLine.

In addition to live video from the first 56 games* of the 2007 NCAA® Division I Men's Basketball Championship, MMOD users will have access to on-demand highlights, buzzer beaters and detailed recaps of every game all the way through the championship game. The 2007 MMOD video player will launch on March 5 with fans having the ability to watch highlights from some of the most memorable NCAA March Madness games of all time. Live video from the NCAA® Division I Men's Basketball Championship will be available when the tournament on CBS Sports begins Thursday, March 15.

In 2006, MMOD was presented free of charge for the first time since its debut in 2003, producing tremendous traffic results with over 19 million video streams and five million visits, resulting in what many experts called a watershed moment in media history.

Those figures are believed to far surpass the total number of streams served and visits recorded for any previous live event in Internet history making it quite simply the biggest live entertainment audience in streaming video history - a record that still stands nearly one year later.

Final 2006 NCAA® March Madness® on Demand (MMOD) Traffic Numbers:
MMOD served over 19 million streams of live and archived game action
MMOD recorded over five million visits during the tournament
A total of 1.3 million users registered for MMOD
* The first 56 games from the First Round through the Sweet Sixteen - excludes Opening Round game.

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